Adobe has released another cool apps Called Spark Apps. Which Allowed people to create web page, Graphic Designs Without need to be a professional Designer, this Apps is Suitable for small businesses, bloggers, marketers, and students, With Adobe Spark apps, anyone can communicate ideas with impact, regardless of design experience or budget.

Maybe you want to create fresh online twists on classic content types like flyers, brochures, or presentations. Or maybe you’re looking to share trending forms of communication like memes, magazine-style blog posts, or explainer videos, Adobe Spark lets you do all that and more from one easy-to-use online dashboard.
You can create the visual content on your mobile device and you can also create on a laptop, desktop, or even Chromebook—no download required. Whether you’re in your office, at home, or working from the road, your projects will automatically sync across devices. The tools are simple, but they can make you look pro. Web users can also make use of Adobe Spark apps.

Adobe Spark is a suite of three mobile apps which include

  1. Adobe Spark Post App
  2. Adobe Spark Page App
  3. Adobe Spark Video App

Spark Post App

Spark Post makes it easy to create stunning social posts and professional graphic designs.

It is a mobile design app with a powerful, easy-to-use, picture editor. You can scale, rotate, tilt, resize, and flip photos. Apply filters, awesome text overlay, or adjust contrast, brightness, saturation, warmth, or sharpness—all with a few taps.

Edit photos online then use the one-tap resize to format photos for social media posts and profiles, banners and graphics, or to edit photos for your letters, posters, invitations, or print. Adobe Spark Post app is more like an alternative to Canva.

Spark Page App

Spark Page (previously Adobe Slate) lets anyone create beautiful web pages combining text and graphics.

You can use it for things like magazine-style travel stories, photo albums, online newsletters, reports, or anything else that you want to present on the web. It’s basically a simplified web editing platform, with tools that let you mix text and imagery in a highly visual way.

This means if you want to share photos and information — like a wedding album online, complete with captions and links — then Spark Page is definitely the app that you want to use. Kindly note that your webpage will be hosted on adobe servers.

Spark Video App

Spark Video (previously Adobe Voice) offers a new, radically easier way to create animated videos. No filming required; just speak your story and customize with themes, images, icons and text. You can trim, resize and add music to your videos.

Adobe Spark Video’s video editor is perfect for creating videos for YouTube, tutorials, and presentations.

Download Adobe Spark Video, Page, Post App for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad)

You can go to : to download Adobe Spark apps to your mobile devices.

You can also get started on the web through the link above, without downloading anything.

Adobe Spark App Pricing In Nigeria

Spark is free to use if you don’t mind Adobe sticking their logo on your final project. If you want to create graphics without the Adobe Spark branding or Watermark, or add your own branding, you’ll need to unlock premium features.

As at the time of publishing this post, if you a Nigerian Adobe Spark app user, it will cost you #3,610 to subscribe to the premium features monthly; #36,000 yearly.

Do you use Adobe Spark Apps? Which of the apps is your favorite?

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